Expand your profitability with surcharging

Refined Surcharging will help to mitigate the rising costs of doing business by eliminating all of your credit card processing fees.

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$0 fee credit card processing

Legally pass 100% of credit card fees to customers with our technology-automated Surcharging program. Customers who pay with cash do not pay fees.

Powerful. Seamless. Fully compliant.

Don't worry about a thing. Our Surcharging program covers everything you need.

Payment network compliance

We'll notify the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) of your intention to surcharge, as required, so you don't have to.

State and federal surcharging compliance

Our surcharging program with automated compliance technology ensures businesses securely surcharge within state and federal guidelines.

Works seamlessly on POS, payment terminals, online, and mobile

Clearly display the transaction cost and surcharge amount on all invoices and receipts with any payment acceptance equipment or technology.

Free access to appropriate signage

Our free, downloadable signs make it easy to notify your customers about surcharging.

Digital invoicing and recurring billing

Enjoy the capability to create new digital invoices and automatically recurring invoices that have a surcharging payment option.

Online reporting

Our easy, online reporting tools help to keep track of surcharges.

Get POS hardware for free with Refined Surcharging

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