Our Mission

Help make it easier for businesses to accept digital payments.

Our Story

We believe the payment process should be easy. Refined’s founders were aware of the issues and challenges with electronic payment systems not only from their own experiences as small business owners, but from listening to their peers. Their complaints were almost always the same: Technology should be more integrative, secure and must work seamlessly on multiple platforms. Pricing should be simplified, transparent, and cost-effective. Unnecessary fees and long-term contracts should be eliminated. Customer service should be improved. With the goal of solving these problems for business owners, they set out to create Refined. Refined was launched in 2019 to prove that a stress-free payment process is possible with point of sale tools that have built-in security, integrations with over 700 apps, affordable pricing, and support that puts people first. 


Our Values


We are creators who envision a better way of doing things. We never settle for the status quo.  


We never rest on our laurels when it comes to learning and want to spread knowledge to help others.  


We feel unwavering hard work will result in success. The only barriers imposed on us are the ones we imagine in our mind, which are meant to be broken.  


We believe people should work to live, not live to work. Happiness should be the ultimate goal.  


Constantly improving is necessary to offset changing conditions. 


To truly succeed at anything, a genuine concern for others is necessary.  


Change the future of payments 

We're working to improve the way business owners accept payments and we're looking for like-minded people to help us achieve these goals.