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How to start a Refined online store (a 5 step guide!)

Refined Editorial Team
December 28, 2021

Lots of people daydream about starting an online store, but find it’s hard to actually take the first step. To help you on your journey, Refined’s editors have put together a guide consisting of 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Demo

Try our Refined Online Store and Mobile App demo for free.  Test out Refined’s features and see how you can sell online with a website and/or a mobile ordering app.

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Step 2: Create 

We build your online ordering website, program your custom branded mobile ordering app, and upload a digital menu for online customers to browse when they find you online.

Step 3: Test 

Our team will perform the necessary tests and train you on how to make changes or updates to menu items or prices. To prepare for launch, you’ll preview your store on different web browsers and devices, place a test order, and go through the refund process.

Step 4: Launch

Once you’re confident that your virtual storefront is ready for its first customers, it’s time to launch your store and app. Learn from the feedback you get to make it even better over time. With real-time edits, you control the look and feel of your store.

Step 5: Start marketing 

Start driving traffic to your store.  Have expert marketing support ready to assist you regarding marketing and promotions.

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